Pub quiz again…

So we remembered  Sir Winston Churchill, and we remembered laurel and hardy taking a piano up or downstairs, but we had no clue about the stars of Guy Ritchie films, and couldn’t for the life of us remember who Yosemite Sam was pursuing… Daffy Duck? Bugs Bunny? Road Runner? Of course it was Bugs Bunny, we knew that but could we remember it?

The great thing about quiz night at the Dolphin really is not the winning (although we did win the first round after a tie-beak!) the great thing is the taking part. The banter that goes on, whether it is teasing our quiz master about the way he pronounces Yosemite, or the rather rude alternatives to a question which includes the word ‘petticoat’, or the frustration of knowing that we know the answer but just can’t call it to mind, or the wild guess that Forest Gump might have included a reference to Watergate which was right… It all goes to make a great night, especially with the fine beer… OK, so Otter was not available so we had to sample the fine Doom Bar and the very nice Guinness, but if you go to the quiz night at the Dolphin you are sure of a really enjoyable night out!!


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