Two at once

I mentioned last week that I’d had such a vivid dream that I’d had to write it down as it seemed as if it would be able to developed into a story… the dream won’t let go! So even though I am writing my first ever sequel, to my e-novel, Radwinter, I am also now writing a second story… and who knows where it will go and how it will develop; as yet it is just a few episodes from a divorced woman’s life, and how her two children relate to her now that she is separated from her former life.

My sequel is Magick, and it is the other half of Thomas Radwinter’s genealogical search for his family history. My first novel about Thomas, which is called Radwinter, is about his paternal family history; Magick follows the line of a family called Magick who are his maternal line.

It is so strange having these two different stories unravelling; one is about a thirty-something man and his new partner and child, the other is about a fifty-something woman and her two children and ex-husband. They are no way linked or similar, and are not even written in the same way. Thomas narrates ‘Magick’, my new ‘dream’ story is written in the third person with an objective narrative voice unconnected to the events or characters. It is actually, at the moment working quite well… when I am writing I sometimes get to an impasse and am stuck to know how to proceed… with two novels, I just switch to the other and carry on. I am more disciplined with Magick, as I have particular themes and it is following the history of a family, and there is a missing woman to find, an unexpected death, and the even more unexpected arrival of a previously unknown parent!

It will be interesting in a few months, to look back on how this way of writing has worked… I may find a dreadful problem, or it may be a solution to writer’s block!


  1. Dina

    Many great novels have originated from dreams, Lois! You’re in very good company with Stephen King (Misery), Mary Shelley (Frankenstein), Richard Bach (J.L Seagull) just to name a few… All the best for your project!
    Happy writing!


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