How tastes change!

In only a few decades, tastes change enormously, not just in response to fashion but because of all sorts of other factors. These days of course the principle other factor is the internet; within seconds you can see what others eat, wear, decorate their homes with, or style their hair all across the world, even in the most remote parts.

English cooking has been derided for many years, and it so annoys me, because there are many factors which meant people had not access to fresh foods, or because of long working days had not the time to cook or prepare what food they had… but I’ve written about that elsewhere.

However, even I have to admit, that there are some foods which one sees in recipe books from former time which seem better to be forgotten than remembered!


Spinach eggs, creamed cheese toast, baked stuffed tomatoes, cheese eggs, almond savouries and cheese macaroni pudding…

The spinach eggs are just that… poached eggs on spinach with sippets; spinach and eggs are a classic combination, but I don’t think anyone would serve them like this, a great pile of tinned spinach with the eggs just plonked on top! Macaroni cheese is delicious, but we wouldn’t serve it in a great lump like that!

It’s not only taste for food that has changed since Modern Practical Cookery was published, presentation, and style have also altered! I wonder if my children will look at my cookery books when they are my age and think how quaint they are?




  1. Ginger

    I have a baking book that was the gold standard in 1984 when it came out. I remember looking at the pictures at the time, considering them the pinnacle of style and sophistication.
    I still use the book, but the earthenware,tin and dark accessories in 50 shades of brown look incredibly dated today. I am sure time will look equally kindly at our current carefully arranged and overexposed close-ups…


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