Inventing a genealogy

In the book I am working on a t the moment, Magick, about a search for a family’s history (there si a bit of a mystery and a bit more to it than just a trail through the archives!) there is another story line about a search for a young woman who ran away from home in 1996. The main character Thomas, has been asked by her mother to try and find her; it’s not a case of her having been kidnapped or abducted, she ran away, and Thomas is tracking her life through the events in her life.

Thomas finds that she has been married, several times, and she has had children; he was at school with her so he is trying to find her through her friends who were in her class in the 90’s. I am having to provide dates of birth, for her children, dates of marriage to her three (yes three) husbands and make sure that all her life events fit properly without unintended overlaps. I am having to invent a genealogy for her and her family, and do it carefully and make it realistic… allowing for the fact that she must have got divorced between husbands, there is no suggestion of bigamy (that is in another of my stories!)

I have so many bits of paper with family trees on them, so many lists of dates, and names, and lineages… I am having to be very careful and pay attention and concentrate… which isn’t easy with a mind like mine which tends to go wandering off all over the place!

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