Weaving again

I’m back on the theme of weaving again… not in the literal sense, although my ancestors on my mother’s sides were basket makers, but weaving in the writing sense. I am about half-way through my latest novel, my first ever sequel, Magick. There are several themes in the story but I seem to have a few broken threads; I also seem to have forgotten to bring in particular aspects to add strength to the fabric of the story.

The main story-line is Thomas Radwinter tracing his maternal line back to Horatio Magick who first appeared in a workhouse in Cambridgeshire in the 1841 census, and trying to find why part of the family changed its name to Bronson in the early 1800’s but then changed it back to Magick in the 1860’s. He also wants to find why his mother who was born as Sylvia Collins, took her own mother’s maiden name Magick. So that is the main genealogical theme of the book. However, Thomas also has a new relationship, and this is how he and his new partner build their life together, and how by unravelling the past it helps Thomas overcome some of the difficulties he has, self-confidence, self-belief and self-worth.

Thomas was badly bullied when he was at school, and he begins to come to terms with that when he has to step in and help his godson who is bullied. He ahs also been asked to find the daughter of a friend who ran away from home when she was sixteen, and although living locally, cannot now, fifteen years later be traced. The godson and the missing young woman  themes, are not just there as padding or filler, they help Thomas work out some of the mysteries of his own family, by seeing parallels of bullying and abuse…

Having taken and enforced break in writing because we went to France and Belgium, I’ve had plenty of thinking time; I realise that some of the threads in the story have become disconnected, some have unravelled slightly, and some have been brought in without their ends being properly secured… I feel a little daunted… but I must press on!

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