My Glasto

As things are rocking away at the Glastonbury Festival, I just thought I would repost about what I love about the little Somerset market town. here’s a blog I prepared earlier:

You never know when you make friends with someone where the friendship will go. Many, many years ago I met Julie at a mothers and toddlers group called Prampushers. Her baby son was two months older than mine and although that’s nearly twenty years ago, the two boys – young men now, are still best friends, and so are Julie and I. Every year Julie and her family come on holiday to Uphill and we always enjoy getting together. Now the children are older she and I can go off and do things on our own.

Refreshments in Weston

We decided to go to our county town of Taunton, and luckily the weather remained fine while we wandered around

Taunton town hall, telephone box and floral arrangements

We wandered up and down the High street, in and out of bookshops and I bought a guide to soft cheese making… this is going to be my next cooking adventure… but I’ll say more on that another time!

Lunch! I took Julie to Pain & Vin, a nice little café on the corner of St James Street; we sat on high stools at a little table round a pole, looking out at the world and enjoying our generous and inexpensive lunch.

Beef bap for me, prawn sandwich for Julie

As Julie had never been to Glastonbury and as it is one of my favourite places, we decided to go there so off we set through lovely Somerset countryside and along the top of the Polden Hills.

We wandered down the High Street, drifting into bookshops and some of the interesting and decidedly different businesses there. I pointed out the baker with the funny name ‘Burns the Bread’, and  Ralph Bending the estate agent with the amusingly honest description of their properties for sale or to let, ‘Tarted up apartment in posh area. No mingers.’ For more gems, visit their website:

Church of St John the Baptist

Of course it soon became time for tea, and obviously we went to my favourite Glasto café, the Lazy Gecko. Refreshed, we wandered round the little street market and we couldn’t help but notice what we called Glastonbury chic.

These clothes aren’t for special occasions or fancy dress; up and down the streets of Glasto you can see people of all ages, from little babies to elderly men and women wearing flowing robes, with long hair, piercings, tattoos, and circlets of flowers or semi-precious stones on their heads. I think they are delightful and different, eccentric maybe but in a harmless and fun way!


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