You know you’re getting old…

When children are little, we always remember and repeat cute things they say and do, the words they mispronounce or misunderstand, their funny little ways of behaving, and we repeat them to all our friends and relations, and report back to each other about their latest little funny. Our son always called elephants ‘sentents’, and bark chippings ‘sibdubs’, and our daughter called aeroplanes ‘haremelains’, and hospital ‘hostible’…

Now I have a new phone the tables are turned.

Daughter to son: “Awww, it was so cute, mum was looking at new phones and she said she wanted one with an iphone on it”… gales of laughter…

However… there are still some funnies that they say too:

Daughter to me: Mum, why have you made tea in a coffee pot?
Me to daughter: It’s a tea-pot.
Daughter to me: Uggghhhh! There ar bits in your tea.
Me to daughter; They are tea leaves.
Daughter to me: Ugh, gross!

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