Mystery bird

As I sit writing in the evenings, by my open window, I can hear a lot of birds, as I’ve mentioned before. we live near the sea so we have many different sea birds, but mostly common gulls, and other gulls, a few oyster catchers (although not often in our little village)

I’ve written about a mysterious bird which I hear in the evening an ad night; it may be here from late spring to early autumn, or that might just be when it is mild enough to have my window I’m able to hear it. It starts making its distinctive noise as dusk comes and then I can hear it in the night, not roosting nearby but moving about, flying over the village, going further away then coming back nearer.

I’ve never seen it but I’ve been listening to bird sounds on the internet and last year I thought it might possibly be a nightjar… however this year I’m not so sure… I did think it might be an owl, and have been busy listening to clips of owls, then I thought it might be some sort of hawk, even though I only hear it at night.

A couple of nights ago it was circling around above out house and I tried to see it, but all I glimpsed was something long and slim and pointy, with thin wings… A couple of nights ago I caught a better look at it and I now think it is some kind of sea bird… but not one of the usual seagulls we have.

To add to the mystery, I was watching Forbrydelsen III (The Killing III) and two of the characters were on a lonely Danish shore, talking to each other, and to my surprise, there in the background of the film was the mystery bird making its distinctive noise! I am no closer to knowing what it is, except that it isn’t a nightjar, owl or hawk!

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