We won!

Every Tuesday that we are able, we go to our pub, The Dolphin, to take part on the quiz. Teams of up to four compete over two rounds. There are twenty-five questions which are read out, and the teams write their answers to the twenty-five questions on a sheet which is divided up into a 5 x 5 square. Each square is randomly numbered between 1 and 25. The questions range over various topics, sport, history, current events, pop music etc. and the answer are written onto the sheet. When all twenty-five have been read out, the true answers are read out; because the places where you can write your answers are random boxes on the sheet, it is possible to get a line of correct answers, horizontally, diagonally or vertically, or get answers in the four quarters correct… and if you have achieved this you shout out ‘Dolphin’ and you can win £10 for the line. After that, all the rest of the answers are read out and the person with the highest total score wins.

Guess what? WE WON!!!! Yes, for the first time we got 24 / 25 and we won!!! We will save the winnings to pay for the quiz sheets next week (£1 each)

After the quiz there is what is called the beer round… a totally random question is asked, where the answer is just guess-work and each team suggests one answer and the prize i a free beer next quiz. \\\\\\\the question was something about U-boats and British ships sunk… and we got it right!!! Free beer next week!


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