It was such a nice day we wanted to go out and do something without travelling too far; we decided to go to Cheddar which is about fourteen miles if you go the slightly longer but quicker way (avoiding a bottleneck!)

We were just tootling along when we noticed a little fellow attached the passenger window… a little green fellow with very long legs. He must have had very sticky feet because even though we were going at about 40 mph he remained attached. He walked backwards and forwards and then climbed onto the roof and then reappeared on the side window at the back… all this while we were driving along and going round corners. He then went back onto the roof and when we eventually stopped and parked in Cheddar we found him on the rear of the car.

We wondered whether to try and move him to some grass, but then thought he would be better finding his own way. A couple of hours later and after scones and ice-cream, we returned to the car and he was sitting on the windscreen. We had to go shopping in another part of the town and he stayed with us all the way. Returning to the car after shopping he was now on the bonnet; we decided that a trip home might be pushing it a bit, so we encouraged him to hop off, and hop off he did.

I thought he was a grasshopper, although I remember grasshoppers from my childhood, and they were always a browny colour… we had a few jokes about the TV ‘Kung Fu’ series that David Carradine was in where his character was called Little Grasshopper….

In fact our little hitch-hiker was a katydid… an insect are closely related to crickets and grasshoppers… good heavens, I never knew that before!


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