Enclosed water

I once had a friend who had an irrational but dreadful fear of water… not running water or water coming out of a tap or a glass of water, but of water which was somehow enclosed or contained, as in a sunken tank, or between the lock gates of a canal, and in certain instances even the water in the canal itself. Rivers I don’t think were a problem to her, the water was moving… but it was deep, dark, enclosed water which terrified her.

She was also slightly fascinated by it, and would often write about it, and wrote poetry about it… But going for a walk beside a canal, going swimming in a pool, or even passing by certain fish ponds was impossible for her.

She had other phobias, including spiders. She once woke my flat-mate and I at three in the morning because there was a spider in the bath of the house she shared. I had to go round with her in the middle of the night to rescue the poor creature, which actually wasn’t that big. Spider phobia is quite common, but a fear of enclosed water? I have never heard of it before, and have no idea what trigged this problem for her.


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