We arrived home from Dublin after saying cheerio to our daughter who is going to be spending a year working in the US as part of her degree. Apart from our usual activities of going to classes and running classes and going to quizzes and visiting local friends, we have nothing planned… nowhere we have to drive to or fly to… nothing until November.

I was reflecting on how busy we’ve been, and this is what we have done… although the order is perhaps not quite chronological!

  • annual family holiday in Norfolk
  • visit to our dear friends in the Netherlands
  • over to Northern Ireland, flying there, driving back to collect daughter and all her stuff from Uni
  • up to Salford and collect son and his three years of stuff from Uni
  • wedding in Portsmouth
  • funeral in Oldham
  • lovely cousins to stay for the weekend
  • more lovely cousins to stay for a different weekend
  • up to Salford to attend son’s degree ceremony
  • son’s lovely girlfriend to stay for six weeks
  • trips to Salisbury, Birmingham and Coventry
  • WW1 Battlefields tour of France and Belgium
  • a few days in Dublin

I’m guessing we will have a quiet autumn… but who knows!







Tyne Cot (3)





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