It’s jumping in Uphill!

Uphill is only a small village, separated from the expanding town of Weston-super-Mare by the golf course, school playing fields, the grounds and lands of a small manor, the hospital and a very steep hill. It is not called Uphill because of the village but because someone with a name along the lines of Oppa, had a pill or wharf here on the River Ax. Uphill is normally a quiet village, in fact some people have unkindly said it is God’s waiting room because of the number of elderly people who live here! There are however, many, many families with children of all ages, and young people too, as well as the more mature villagers.

Uphill has two pubs, two schools, a hospice, a village shop,a village hall, a church hall,  a physiotherapist, a restaurant, a sign-writers, a café, a boat yard, a yacht club, a marina, a camp-site and a beach… oh and two churches, plus a ruined church on top of the hill which is adjacent to an old tower which once was a windmill… oh and it has an SSSI, a nature reserve, an abandoned quarry, an iron-age fortlet… oh and lots more.

However, usually, Uphill is a very quiet village; maybe there is a little chatter of folk sitting outside the pub, sometimes there is an event on in the village hall, with music floating through the night air… or a children’s party with the shouts and laughs of children having fun… or the barks of dogs at the dog training classes…

Tonight the village is rocking! Tonight it is Hobphin at the Dolphin. Hobphin is a free charity music festival, which started alst year as a 40th birthday celebration for Tony Hobden. He arranged for all sorts of acts to play at our local pub the Dolphin, and it was such a brilliant success that it’s being repeated this weekend. The whole village is echoing with the sound of all sorts of music, folk, jazz, indi, rock, country… all sorts!

We will probably wander down later, but at the moment, with the windows open we can hear it perfectly… it has competition though! There is a party going on in the village hall and there is a very loud disco… I feel sorry for anyone who doesn’t like music who lives in Uphill!

The featured image by the way is of one of the first bands who played in the Dolphin, Celtic Shambles; they are now no more, but what a great band they were!


    1. Lois

      Not far at all… there used to be an amazing Indian restaurant there, run by a lady who could have been Margaret Thatcher’s twin sister – except she was lovely and an amazing cook!


  1. david lewis

    Lucky Lois! A great pub within walking distance. Good music and great friends. Next you’ll be telling us that there was free beer. Sorry that I sound jealous but I am. Lucky Lois indeed!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lois

      I am lucky, yes very… and no not exactly free beer but we have loyalty cards so we do get a free tenth drink! We have separate cards for the different beers, and then small or large wine, and cider. Spirits aren’t on offer, nor are soft drinks!


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