Merciless sea…

Living by the sea we often hear of tragedies involving people getting into difficulties, swimming in the wrong place or at the wrong time, getting stuck in sinking mud, having problems on boats/jet skis/dinghies… We don’t have any surfing round here because we have no surf, but  further down the west coast, along the beaches and bays of Devon and Cornwall there is mighty surf and a wonderful place for surfing.

During the summer months the popular beaches are well served by lifeguards, but as the season changes and fewer people go out on their boards, the service is curtailed  although there are big notices warning of the dangers, advising that there are no guards, and mentioning any local conditions such as rip tides.

The sea is merciless, and dangerous. Yesterday there was a terrible tragedy near Newquay, at Mawgan Porth and three people lost their lives, probably caught in a rip tide; thankfully four teenagers were rescued, but for the family of the three who died what a dreadful thing to have to deal with. Those three adults went to the beach to enjoy a sport they obviously loved…

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