The beer was mighty fine tonight

We quite frequently go to out local, the Dolphin on a Saturday night, and beer from the Otter Brewery is always available and it is consistently very  good. Sometimes, however, it is even better than usual, and tonight it was absolutely gorgeous!

The Dolphin is a fine pub, and the beer is always well-kept which is crucial. When we lived in Manchester I used to avoid pubs selling a certain beer because it was… well, it was not very nice! One day, out and about, we wanted some lunch and pulled over at a lovely looking pub.We went in and the beer was… the brewery I didn’t like… but we had some anyway, and it was gorgeous! The reason it was gorgeous was because the landlord of the pub loved his beer and kept it in the peak of condition. It was a revelation… we are so lucky at the Dolphin, the beer is first rate, but sometimes it is more first rate than others!


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