A cup of tea in the morning

As a child I didn’t drink tea; my parents did, but my sister and drank squash. I don’t even remember when I first started drinking tea; the first hot drink I had was cocoa (not drinking chocolate) that we had before bed. later we had Horlicks which I first remember when we were on holiday in a holiday camp (think Hi-de-Hi!) My parents always had percolated coffee for breakfast – it was coffee and chicory actually, real coffee was too expensive. The first coffee I had was instant, when powdered coffee first came our way, made by Nescafé I think, in a small two ounce tin… can you believe it when you see the massive jars we have now? But tea… I’m not sure when I first began to drink tea.

My dad was not only an owl, he was also a lark; he needed very little sleep and would be up as soon as it was light in the summer, and before dawn in the winter. This was a time when he might catch up on reading the newspaper, maybe do a bit of digging in the garden, and have a pint of tea. Quite often he would invite the milkman in for a cuppa, the horse and milk-cart waiting in the road outside our house… maybe the horse was given his horse-bag of breakfast hay. My dad had a big pint mug and he would have his morning pint every day.

I don’t remember beginning to drink tea, probably when I was a student; although I used teabags like everyone else for speed and convenience, I also still preferred leaf tea. By the time I was living in my own hose with a small garden, I had a teapot and when it was finished i would do as my dad did, and throw the leafs onto the lawn… composting!

Now my husband and I drink tea first thing, taking it in turns to get up and make a pot; like my dad we have pint mugs and make strong ‘breakfast’ tea. We use strong black tea leaves but quite often add a different sort of leaf… once it was Rose Pouchong, then gunpowder green tea, at the moment we add a ginger and lemon herbal tea… but I still have coffee with breakfast!



  1. grumpytyke

    I now drink tea first thing in the morning too after years (at least 21) of starting the day with strong (very strong!), sweet, black coffee (but after that only tea). It began earlier this year when in hospital and the ‘usual’ coffee (ie weak and made with ‘instant’) was unpalatable for me. I continued when I arrived home (with better ‘Yorkshire’ tea, strong and made in the pot with leaves, no bags, a little milk and no sugar) and I’ve tried coffee only once since and didn’t like it. I now sometimes drink a milky coffee (what I suppose might now be called a ‘latte’) during the day. I’m not keen on Earl Grey either; if it’s not ‘Yorkshire’ then it’s Assam. The housekeeping bill has decreased considerably!

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    1. Lois

      It’s concentrated fruit juice – like a cordial that you add water to and make a long drink. It’s not as sweet and concentrated as a cordial, but that’s a rough equivalent. When I was little it was always orange squash!


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