Sequel… it seems to have worked!

I wrote some time ago about the dilemmas I was confronting as I wrote my first ever sequel.

I’ve written many novels, published quite a few as e-readers on Amazon, and all have been completely stand-alone stories. Some of my readers have asked me to continue the stories of the characters but I have resisted… I wanted my stories to be complete… even though the characters did continue their fictional lives in my imagination!

However… However, somehow I found myself writing a sequel to ‘Radwinter’, a second volume which became ‘Magick’. I was very concerned while I was writing it , that ‘Magick’ would stand alone in its own right although it was continuing the story started in the first volume. I realised how very difficult it is to give enough information so new readers have an idea of the history, but not so much that it would spoil some of the surprises I hoped to spring on my reader. Taking care about new readers was one thing, but also to make it flow smoothly for people who had read the previous story; some little queries would be answered, some extra information would be given, but I didn’t want it to be a boring rerun of all they knew from the first volume.

My reading group, none of whom had read ‘Radwinter’ very kindly chose to read ‘Magick’ as our book of the month… and I was delighted and pleased with how much they enjoyed it, but also the fact that there were no blips in terms of what they were reading… no gaps which could only be filled by reading ‘Radwinter’. I did find it hard work, and it took a lot of editing but I think I succeeded.

Now I am working on the third volume of the family story, ‘Raddy and Syl’… and the work on it has tripled due to there being two stories preceding it! Here’s hoping it all goes well!


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