Down the other end

Our pub, the best pub in the world, the Dolphin in Uphill, doesn’t have separate bars as such; it is in the shape of an ‘E’ without the middle bar. There is a door on the corner of Old Church Road and Uphill Way, which takes you in at the top corner of the E, and you go into the are which we usually sit. It has nice comfortable bench seats of red velvet, running along the walls under the windows, tables, stools and chairs, and there is a fire.

If instead of going into this area, you walk straight down the pub, there is the long bar area, and more bench seats, tables, chairs and stools.It’s quite narrow but we sometimes sit here if the other end is full. At the far end, like the bottom of the E, is what is possibly the ‘public’ bar if such classifications still existed. This is the happy, noisy, rowdy end; here is the dart board, the juke box, stools and standing. For no particular reason we don’t often come down this end.

I came down on my own tonight, as my husband was running his taxi service for our son. I went into the middle part, got our drinks and sat down to wait, chatting happily to Alice, the co-landlady. I heard a familiar voice and it was Kevin talking to Terry; Kevin, terry, my husband and another friend called Mick used to be in a band called Celtic Shambles.


I hadn’t seen Kevin for ages and went round to see him… such a lovely guy, and before long my husband arrived back from taxi duties and we stood in ‘the other end’ chatting to Kevin, to Terry, Paul, Manchu and the others who were playing poker, it being poker night.

We had a great evening as we always do, but how strange it was to be ‘down the other end’!

Kevin and lagerphone
Kevin and lagerphone

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