Living abroad

I have never actually lived in another country, although I have stayed with people who were residents of somewhere else – as opposed to being in a hotel or apartment I mean. I stayed in Singapore in a village with friends for three weeks, I was in the States with my dear friend Wendy for three weeks, in beautiful Washington State, I stayed with a family in France for a fortnight… this gives a glimpse into living elsewhere, but it’s not the same as being elsewhere day in, day out, as the seasons change.

When I first qualified as a teacher I applied for loads of jobs abroad, permanent jobs not vacation jobs, placements where I would be there for years rather than months. I was unsuccessful, but found great jobs here in England… however I do sometimes dream of living somewhere else.

My dreams aren’t the sort you vaguely have holidaying on a Greek island where the lifestyle of a holiday maker is so laid back and charming; I loved Greece and would love to return… but for visit or a holiday! Although I’ve been to France many,many times, and love visiting, it is not anywhere I have ever thought I might want to live…

Now places beginning with I, Ireland and Iceland, there are locations I dream of and could imagine being… although learning Icelandic (which is what I would do) would definitely be a struggle as I have come to the conclusion that I’m not very good at acquiring other languages even though the fascinate me. You see, if I did by some unimaginable chance move to another country I would not want to be an ex-pat; I would want as far as possible to be involved in the culture and lifestyle as far as an English person of my age could be.

However…. however, dreams are all they are; moving house anywhere is very expensive, and the practicalities are just beyond what I think I could cope with… so I shall content myself with my dreams – which are totally free!


  1. Margaret Elsden

    We spent over two months in New Zealand at the time of the millennium, would that count? It is high summer in the Southern Hemisphere at that time, but we experienced all the seasons! We travelled extensively, enjoying high temperatures in the far north, torrential rain on the West Coast of the South Island and even had a snowball fight at the top of Arthur’s Pass in the South Island on 2 January, when it should have been hot and sunny. A beautiful country and, yes, I would go there to live – if only all my family would come with me!


      1. Margaret

        Oh it is Lois. (My dear friend there is Lois too.). We have been twice and would love to go back, but I doubt that will happen now. While the North Island is tropical, our favourite is South Island. Majestic mountains, including the famous Aoraki (Mount Cook), the glaciers, lakes, fiords, sheep stations, fruit orchards; a world in one country. New Zealand is similar in square miles to the UK, but with a population of less than 5,000,000, there is room to breathe and spread out. There are more sheep in NZ than people! A truly beautiful country.

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      2. Lois

        Sounds idyllic… I don’t suppose we will ever manage to go there either, although we do hope to go to Tasmania and mainland Australia next year.
        have you read any of Ngaio Marsh’s novels? Some of the are set inn New Zealand, Vintage Murder , Colour Scheme , Died in the Wool and Photo-Finish


      3. Margaret

        Haven’t read ngao marsh Lois. Somehow never got around to her, although I’ve known about her long enough! There are not enough years in my life to read all I would like!

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