Shakespeare’s heroines… who were they, and who are these characters?

A couple of days ago I wrote about Shakespearian heroines; I’d wanted a couple of names for minor characters in my latest writing… and while researching I came across some names I wasn’t familiar with even though I have read many of his plays.

I wrote a little quiz about less well-known names and which play they featured in… here are the answers:

  1. Porcia Catonis –  Julius Caesar,  Brutus’ wife
  2. Charmion – Cleopatra, servant
  3. Eleanor – Henry VI part II, Duchess of Gloucester
  4. Emilia – Othello, Iago’s wife
  5. Margery Jourdemayne – Henry VI part II, a witch
  6. Maria – Twelfth Night, servant
  7. Mariana – Measure for Measure, Angelo’s fiancée
  8. Rosaline – (i) Romeo and Juliet, Capulet’s niece and Romeo’s betrothed (ii) Love Labours Lost, Lady attending the princess
  9. Virgilia – Coriolanus, his wife
  10. Volumnia – Coriolanus, his mother

So, how well did you do on those ten?

Here are some  male characters, all from Shakespeare:

  1. Apemantus
  2. James Audley
  3. William Butts
  4. Eustace Chapuys
  5. Costard
  6. William de Ros
  7. Egeus
  8. Henry Green
  9. Thomas Merke
  10. Corporal Nym
  11. Pandarus
  12. Ned Poins
  13. Richard Ratcliffe
  14. Michael Williams
  15. William Willoughby

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