Thomas Radwinter

My previous post was about the third part of the Radwinter story I am writing; the main character, Thomas Radwinter introduces the narrative, just as he has with the previous two novels. Each story has a slightly different introduction, as Thomas’s situation changes. Here is the third part:

My name is Thomas Marcus Pemberton Radwinter. I was born in 1980, so I’m thirty-four; I’m about five foot nine and I have brown hair and hazel-grey eyes and a reddish sort of beard.

I live in Easthope, in a small terraced house belonging to Daphne and Geoff Martens, a sprightly old couple who now share a home with their in-laws. I live with my wife Kylie and our little son Kenneil; well, actually he’s Kylie’s little boy but now I am so proud and delighted to have adopted him.

Kylie works for my sister-in-law to be, Ruthie, her right-hand woman and more! I do some consultancy work for Ruthie, legal stuff and food stuff, and we’ve just run the first ever Strand Food Festival, which was fairly small but very successful… we can’t wait for the real thing in 2015! I’m a solicitor and I work independently, just doing conveyancing and will-writing and simple stuff like that because I spend most of my days having fun with Kenneil who is three, while Kylie is at work.

There are four of us Radwinter boys, Marcus who’s a vicar, Paul who has a wine business, and John who works in a bookshop… and me, the youngest.

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