Trilogy… maybe…

I mentioned a while ago that having written my first ever sequel (Magick, part two of Radwinter) I was embarking on a third and probably final part of the story of Thomas Radwinter and his search for the truth about his family tree. Radwinter was s  supposed to be a stand alone story about Thomas’s search for the Radwinters and it took him back to 1841 and further. However, this was just his paternal line, and almost as soon as I had finished there was the other half waiting… the story of his maternal line.

Having completed that I really felt that was it, a tale and its sequel… however, one of the things my character Thomas did was avoid thinking about the people who brought him up, Sylvia and Edward Radwinter. He’d had a difficult childhood, not something he wanted to remember… but somehow I had to write it to complete his story.

When I started this I wasn’t sure that I would publish it, writing it for my personal satisfaction… as a sort of writing closure to the story. Whenever I wrote, after the end of the story – or the end for my readers, the characters carry on in my head and sometimes I do write down what happens next, but really and truly just for my own satisfaction… however, this time it’s different. I have realised that this does have to be a proper story, to be published.

It’s not enough just to have Thomas’s family history research, and the effects it has on him; it’s not enough just to continue the story of his relationship with his new wife and little boy, and his three brothers and their families. Thomas also becomes involved in trying to help an elderly woman who seems to have come under the influence of a Moroccan after she went on a cruise; her nephew is very worried about her and commissions Thomas to help.

Sasha, a distant relative of a friend of Thomas is also in trouble; she claims that a friend of hers is missing, but no-one believes her and the police have accused her of wasting their time. Sasha’s friend went missing in full public view; they were in a car, stopped at a junction and the friend jumped out and disappeared, leaving Sasha alone in the car… and no-one, no-one saw her, and no-one except Sasha seems to know she even existed. Thomas has to unpick the mystery.

Writing a sequel was a challenge, what details from the first part to include, what to miss out, what to hint at, what to ignore… it’s even more difficult with part three!




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