Nearly there…

I am so near the end of my novel, ‘Raddy and Syl’; I’m on the last couple of scenes and then it will be done!! When I say done, I mean the first draft will be finished! Next will be some hard work, first of all going through it and rewriting, chopping out, adding, clarifying… Then the read throughs, then the really tedious checking and double checking and double double checking, looking for mistakes and errors in grammar and spelling and punctuation as well as in ‘the facts’ of the story,trying to get rid of any inconsistencies, repetitions, clichés, sharpening up the actual language… Oh and making sure the characters aren’t annoying – there is nothing worse than reading a book and finding that some of the characters are really irritating.

There was a series of books I read about a detective which my friends and reading-group buddies had all loved. I had seen the TV version and really enjoyed it, although the daughter of the detective was so annoying… When I came to read the books, the child was even more annoying in the written form, and the stories themselves just totally confused me… I don’t want to annoy or confuse my readers.

I am hoping that if I work really hard I might get the book done by Easter which is about six weeks away… I must just keep my nose to the grindstone, or rather my fingers on the keyboard, my eyes on the screen, and my brain with my characters!


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