Getting in the Latin groove

To Taunton, our county town, with various little jobs to do, shops to visit, things to buy, and although it was heaving it down with rain when we set off, it was dry when we arrived. For some reason Thursday in Taunton is a really busy day, or maybe it was just toiday which was busy.

Everything done we decided to have a spot of lunch; there is a Mexican restaurant which used only to be open in the evenings, but now hurrah! It opens during the day!  As we are seeing the Mavericks tomorrow having a little Latin flavours to tickle our taste-buds seemed a grand idea! My husband isn’t that keen on hot food, but having consulted the menu there seemed to be plenty on offer which would suit his delicate palate.

We had been to the Old Mexican Restaurant once before a couple of years ago, but it looked as if it had had a make-over as we went in and sat down. There was a great menu, and after perusing it we decided to have tapas – well, what else?! He was driving so just had a coffee but I had what I thought was beer, but which turned out to be a cider… and very nice, Perro Loco… my nick-name is Loco so I had to have it really!

IMG_20150226_135040Breaded prawns, mixed peppers and chorizo, albondingas

IMG_20150226_135035Chickpea salad and pulled pork

IMG_20150226_135030Chicken and chorizo tacos

We had a wonderful lunch, everything freshly cooked and tasting yummy… it was still a little hot for husband, so next time he might have some sour cream salsa with it!

Here is a link… and if you are in Taunton it’s a great place for a nice meal!


  1. david lewis

    Real Mexican food would be re-fried beans and tortillas with jalapenos on the side and a shot of tequila. What you ate is made for the gringos. I was told by a Chinese friend of mine that chop- suey was invented by a Polish Jew in San Fransisco who worked in a Chinese restaraunt. Go figure El Loco.


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