Bushmills revisited

After a very enjoyable, but less than successful quiz night at the Dolphin with our chums, it just might be time for a little whiskey… Here is something I wrote a while ago…

Bushmills whiskey… Bushmills is so called because it is a town which grew up by the river Bush where there were as many as seven mills in the past, including a spade-mill.


Bushmills Distillery is the oldest licensed distillery in the world, founded in 1608,  and it makes a range of wonderful whiskeys. Irish whiskey is spelt with an ‘e’ and Bushmills whiskey is triple distilled…. smoooooooth! The whole process from the malted grain to the bottled spirit is all carried out here at Bushmills… no wonder it is so good!

I hope they enjoyed their visit to the distillery!


Apart from the skill of the distillers, the crucial element is the water, from the beautiful River Bush:

This bridge features at the climax of my book about the Portbradden clan… at night and the river in full spate! In my imaginary world it is the River Hope, not the River Bush!
The river is still, but a moment after I took this photo a fish leapt, a salmon or trout!




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