Barking in Kent

DSCF7987I like lichen but I also like bark… feeling a little stumped here…

IMG_20150405_141350716Just rooting around…

DSCF7961Got my eye on you

IMG_20150405_140510746… and this one is just so beautiful!

To find out more about bark, the fact it doesn’t only serve as a protection for trees and other woody plants as our skin does on our bodies, but it also host to many other plants and creatures, the fact that like our skin it has different layers – the cambium and the phloem and the cork, and that bark has evolved differently on different trees… then look at this interesting page:


  1. david lewis

    When I was young I had a bit of a lisp. One day the teacher was telling us about the parts of a tree and she asked me if I knew what pith was. Yeth Maam I answered. Got the cane again. Ouch!!!


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