Eggy bread

One thing we never had at home as children, but which nearly everyone else I know reminisces about, is eggy bread. When I first heard it mentioned I thought it was bread dipped in the yolk from a boiled egg – like soggy soldiers except bread not toast… hen I wondered if maybe some people had bread with fried eggs which would then be ‘eggy’ bread.

But no; eggy bread is slices of bread dipped in egg and fried. I guess it must taste nice for so many people to remember it, maybe i should try some tomorrow… I’ve mentioned it because i came across a recipe for it. it only takes three minutes, according to ‘dapper TV chef Philip Harben’!

  • 2 eggs
  • 3 slices of bread
  1. dip slices of bread or toast in beaten egg till well coated
  2. fry in plenty of hot fat

Harben comments that eggy bread makes a good ‘bed’ for grilled tomatoes (for which he also gives a recipe – ‘leave small tomatoes whole, cut larger ones in half and grill them cut side up so as to keep the juice in. Cook them very thoroughly, they develop a delicious sweet taste when almost burned’) mushrooms and many other things ‘that will suggest themselves to you’.



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