Meat Research Institute

My dad worked at the Meat Research Institute in Langford, near Bristol from 1967-1979. This is from the introduction in the Agricultural Research Council’s 1978 booklet about the Institute:

The Meat research Institute developed mainly out of the Low Temperature Research Station. The latter was established in Cambridge in 1922 at Cambridge by the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research to investigate the problems arising from the preservation, storage and handling of foods and particularly their refrigerated transport. From the outset one of its main sections was concerned specifically with fresh meat, and in 1928, with a doubling in the size of the station, an additional section was formed to work on pork, bacon and hams. The importance of the station’s work was highlighted in the 1949-45 war and attention was then devoted to the shipment of meat under makeshift refrigeration, attempts at improving the keeping quality of bacon and the development of dehydrated meat technology. After the war the need for more information on various aspects of meat production prompted the Technical Advisory Committee on Meat Research to recommend in 1957 the setting-up of a meat research station.

It was not until 1962 however, that the government accepted a proposal by the Agricultural Research Council, to whom responsibility for food research had been transferred,to establish a separate Meat Research Institute. Building of the new Institute was started in April 1966 and completed in February 1968 on land leased from the University of Bristol. In the ten years of its existence the MRI has made substantial contributions to meat science and technology and pioneered new developments in the meat industry.

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