New cover

Having had an error of design pointed out to me yesterday I went straight to redo it, and changed the font of the cover of my next book, Raddy and Syl. The font I had chosen – and chosen very carefully made the title look like ‘Raddy and Sy 1’… now thankfully I think it looks like Syl, short for Sylvia.

I have been reading a book about fonts, ‘Just My Type’, by Simon Garfield, so when I was looking to change the font from Coolsville to Leelawadee, which I had never ever heard of before, I felt as if I had some idea of what I was looking for. it wasn’t just the appearance, it was things like the ‘serif’ which is the little line, or flick, or top or bottom bit, which doesn’t alter the letter, just alters the appearance. I guess serifs are left over from printed handwriting when the pen might leave a little mark as it starts or finishes a letter, or prepares to join it to another. With the font I had originally used, the little serif on the L made it look like the number 1.

Fingers crossed that all is ok with my fonts and cover… I hope to get the book out very soon!

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