Card trick

On the radio this morning there was a card trick performed… yes I know we could only hear it being done and not see it being done but it was something like someone had to think of a card, in this case he thought of the nine of hearts, and after a long series of different things a flicker book revealed a picture of the nine of hearts. I’m not very keen on magic tricks, I like puzzles with an answer, which is why I read mystery books so I am presented with a conundrum which is then explained… and it’s why I like to write about puzzles in my books. My latest book, ‘Raddy and Syl’, has several puzzles, including a woman who gets out of a car at a junction and disappears, and an elderly lady who brings back a Moroccan from a Mediterranean cruise.

I was thinking about the nine of hearts card trick as I pulled into a petrol station to fill up the car. I got my card out of my purse and held it in my mouth while I was filling the car; I went into the petrol station to pay and handed the chap behind the counter my card… except it was my coffee shop loyalty card, not my bank card… How silly of me; I went back to the car, got my purse… no bank card. I searched in my bag, under my bag, in the car, under the car… then very sheepishly went back into the petrol station to explain and to ring my husband.

He wasn’t hugely pleased to have to come out and then pay for my petrol… and didn’t really see the funny side of me then finding my card under the car seat (where I am sure I looked) He thought it even less funny when I got home before him… so I made him a nice cup of tea and he was soon all smiles again!

I’m still not sure what happened to the cards!!

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