Masterchef the final

We have one more episode of Masterchef before we know who the winner is. It has been a great series, exciting, interesting, funny, inspiring, and a bit sad too when a favourite contestant has to leave the Masterchef kitchen.

It seems that although basically the competition is the same, different elements are introduced, and it has a different feel. This year the camera was on the contestants when they were commenting to each other, for example, after one of their dishes had been judged we could hear the others praising or commiseration – it was nice to see them liking each other, and it gave a better insight into their personalities.

Some of the challenges were different too – in the early stages there was a round where of the five contestants two would get a pass straight through to the next round as a result of what they had chosen to cook; the remaining three were given the main ingredient of their dish and they had to cook something completely differ with it – thinking on their feet, using their initiative and showing how inventive they were,and how wood they were at cooking something they hadn’t necessarily practised before.

As usual it was very interesting to see how the contestants progressed and improved as cooks; some kept making the same mistakes but managing to squeeze through to the next round, until eventually they were eliminated. Some had not been that impressive but gradually showed what great cooks they actually were. Some seemed a little anonymous at first but I got to really like them as they became less nervous and more confident; others I had liked from the beginning and it was lovely to see them progress.

Every year I think how amazing the finalists are, and this year is no exception… I can hardly wait until tomorrow to see who wins in the very last cook-off!



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