Riding a different bike

I write every day, every single day, and now that I am no longer working in a ‘proper’ job, now I am actually a writer, I realise that I tend to write in the same sort of way. I write my novels, I edit my novels, I write my blog and I write emails. In my previous life I wrote for all different purposes, reports for different audiences, colleagues, students, parents, governors etc. and etc. and etc., magazine articles and editorials, letters, examinations and tests,  comprehension pieces for my students, oh the list goes on!

With my creative writing group I have been focussing on writing in different ways, challenging them to write differently from the way they have always written. It struck me it’s a little bit like suggesting someone who has ridden their good old faithful trusty bike is offered a different bike, a mountain bike, a racing bike, a Dutch bike – it’s not just riding across different terrain, it’s riding in a different way!

I wrote a book for my students, each chapter in a different way to encourage them to write in different ways as they were required to do for their exams. One chapter progressed the story by being a TV report. I had to try and adopt the style and tones of regional TV presenters, reporters and weather persons.

Here it is:

This is Coast TV’s local news report –

Scene: Camel Wood


DW – Dinah Weston ( newsdesk)

KK – Kenny Kenton     (special correspondent)

TW – Tracey Winters (education correspondent)

Mr Baird                     (head teacher St Finbarr’s High)

Stewart                       (weather forecaster)

DW:     Good evening and this is Dinah Weston bringing you this evening’s news on Coast TV. And our breaking news is that there has been another disappearance from Camel Wood. Police are still investigating the mystery of the whereabouts of 62 year-old grandma, Ruby Redmayne. They are now searching the wood and surrounding areas for 15-year-old schoolgirl, Naimh Locke.
Coast TV’s special correspondent, Kenny Kenton, now brings you this report. Kenny.

KK:      Dinah. Yes and as you can probably see behind me police are mounting a massive search for 15 year-old Naimh who hasn’t been seen since lunchtime today. It is unusual for this sort of response from the police so soon after someone is reported missing, but this comes in the light of the continuing mystery of the whereabouts of Ruby Redmayne, missing from her cottage in Camel Wood for over a week now. Dinah.

DW:     Kenny, yes and I believe the police are investigating a connecting between Ruby’s grandson and Naimh.

KK:      You’re right, Dinah. Rufus Redmayne, a schoolmate of Naimh’s was the last person to have seen her. He is at present in Strand Royal Hospital. He was found unconscious in the wood by Forest Agent Jack Green. As you probably remember, Dinah, Rufus reported his grandma missing. He claims he went to visit her and she was not in her cottage.

DW:     What do we know about Rufus, Kenny?

KK:      Not much Dinah. Apparently he and Naimh were both suspended from school for unrelated incidents.

DW:     Thank you Kenny. This is Coast TV bringing you the latest news from around the region. And following Kenny Kenton’s report on missing schoolgirl Naimh Locke we go to our education correspondent Tracey Winters who is at St Finbarr’s High, the school where both these young people were students. Tracey.

TW:     Dinah. Yes and I am here outside St Finbarr’s High where in the past few minutes headmaster Edward Baird has made the following statement.

(Cut to Mr Baird)

Mr Baird: First of all I would like to extend our sympathy to the parents of Naimh and the mother of Rufus at this difficult time. We will do all we can to aid the police in finding Naimh and we hope and pray she will be returned safe and unharmed to her family.

TW: Mr Baird, Tracey Winters, Coast TV. Mr Baird, is it true both students were suspended from school.

Mr Baird: Indeed. Following a serious incident in school today Rufus was sent home after we had contacted his mother. This is not a permanent exclusion. Naimh has not been in school for three days on a fixed term exclusion.

TW: Is it true Mr Baird that Naimh was suspended for vandalising your house?

Mr Baird: I cannot comment.

TW: Mr Baird can you comment on the fact that your son, Ed, had been bullying Naimh and she broke into your house with the intention of reclaiming some property she claims he had taken from her.

Mr Baird: No comment.

TW: Reports in the press have suggested she trashed your kitchen, broke furniture in Ed’s room.

Mr Baird: No comment. Thank you ladies and gentlemen.

(Cut back to Tracey)

TW: After that brief statement Mr Baird went back into the school. We are expecting a further update from the police. This is Tracey Winters, Coast TV, returning you to the studio.

(Cut back to Dinah)

DW:     Police spokesmen have refused to comment on the report of armed response officers on the scene. This is linked to the supposed sighting of a large wolf-like creature, and the attacks on farm stock in the area.

And now before the rest of today’s news from Coast TV we go to our weather-room where Stewart has an important severe weather warning for us. Stewart.

(Cut to Stewart in the weather room)

Stewart: Thank you, Dinah. Good evening and sorry folks, if you aren’t already experiencing torrential rain, high winds and a dramatic drop in temperature, you soon will. The police searching the Camel Wood area will be the first to bear the brunt of this mini weather system coming in from the east…


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