My son has been planning a meal he is going to cook for us; he is an excellent cook so I know it will be good, and I know we’ll enjoy it… but the recipe he has chosen is osso buco. Osso buco as you probably guess is an Italian dish made from veal shin; although itis very fashionable now I guess originally it was the sort of meal ordinary people would have using up parts of a beast which are considered ‘cheaper cuts’.

Osso buco is cooked in a lovely but simple stew of wine, onions, celery, and stock and seasoning… or with tomatoes and carrots and the wine, celery and onions… but I guess there are as many tweaks of the original recipe as there are cooks who cook it. The meat should be tender, the sauce delicious, served with rice and with a gremolata sprinkled over the top, the finest part of it all is the marrow in the bones…

Except… except I really don’t fancy that finest part, I don’t fancy the marrow. it is all about texture. I have eaten some extraordinary and remarkable things, but there are some things I just cannot face which is nothing to do with the origins of the ingredients, but is to do with the texture… some textures I just don’t like. However, texture is important; a really good meal has a variety of textures, just as it has a variety of flavours.

I was thinking about texture, and actually looked it up:

  • Surface finish also known as surface texture
  • Texture (roads), road surface characteristics with waves shorter than road roughness
  • Texture (cosmology), theoretical topological defect in the structure of spacetime
  • Texture (crystalline), material’s individual crystallites sharing some degree of orientation
  • Texture (geology), physical appearance or character of a rock
  • Texture mapping, bitmap image applied to a surface in computer graphics
  • Soil texture, relative proportion of grain sizes of a soil
  • Texture (painting), feel of the canvas based on the paint used and method of application
  • Texture (visual arts), element of design and its application in art
  • Texture (music), overall sound created by the interaction of aspects of a piece of music
  • Textures (album), 1989 album by Brian Eno
  • Textures (band), a metal band from the Netherlands

I began to think of texture in regard to writing; within any piece of writing there must be texture and a variety of texture, long, leisurely, lyrical passages, flowing and smooth; short, sharp, exciting paragraphs hurrying the action along, exciting the reader; simple smooth parts as transition from one part to the next, supplying necessary information in an easily digestible form; challenger parts of a novel, making a read work for their reward… readers, like eaters, don’t want bland, don’t want more of the same the same the same, nor do they want lumpy bits, indigestible bits. readers want variety, readers want texture!

Have a look at my textures!


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