31st July 2015

I am hoping that two weeks today, on July 31st, I will publish my next novel as an e-book on Kindle, The Double Act.

The first few pages and indeed the opening chapters might lead readers to believe that this is a love story, or a romance; well, there is an aspect to it which is about love, however the main theme and the plot is about a distorted love, a dark love, a very dangerous love. As the events unfold and the story progresses, starting in a chilly February and following the characters through spring and into a blazing summer, what started as a moment of inexplicable lust (or was it love?) unravels into a downward spiral of hate and murderous intentions.

I don’t want to be more explicit because there is quite a dramatic event on the first page, and I don’t want to spoil the effect; however, I can say that this story does not go where a reader might expect it to. Who are the victims? Who are the aggressors? Who is responsible for the deaths of a beautiful young woman and a tiny baby in South Africa, several years before the story starts?

Ultimately the reader has to discover who is the great double act, and it may not be who they expect!

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