The Double Act

I am working now on doing all the last minute edits, checks, little rewrites on ‘The Double Act’ which all being well will be published on July 31st as an ebook on Amazon.

Just a little snippet:

If only there was someone Genet could talk to…

This is what happened. The diamond in her engagement ring sprung from its claws and into the sink.  She made a lightning grab but not lightening enough and it disappeared down the plughole.  Damn, damn, damn, as if she hadn’t enough to do!  Pauline, who should have been working, was at the dental hospital, and probably wouldn’t be back in time for dinner… although Lance’s nieces would help. By sheer bad luck none of her friends was available; the hotel had been open since Christmas but this was the first full booking, every room for her brother-in-law’s writing weekend.

Don’t panic, be sensible, think! The diamond would be in the u-bend so she burrowed under the sink and unscrewed the sealing collar and emptied the pipe; she found the stone and put it and her rings safely in a mustard pot on the windowsill. So far so good… but then she couldn’t get the collar back on properly.  It went on so far and then stuck crooked and wouldn’t undo. Hell! The sink could not be out of action, she had to prepare dinner for the eighteen guests. 

She glanced at the big clock on the wall. Lance was at college but free at this time on a Friday; it wasn’t worth calling a plumber for such a simple task, she’d ring Lance. 

As she gazed out of the window, a cat strolled into view with something struggling in its mouth; it was a thrush, probably one of the pair which nested in the shrubbery. 

She banged on the window but it ignored her.  She rushed out of the door and dashed down the steps and onto the paved terrace scolding the beast as it sauntered across the lawn.  It stared arrogantly then ran away with the thrush, bounding up and over the fence. Stupidly upset, she walked back to the house angrily composing a letter of complaint she wouldn’t send to the neighbour, the cat’s owner.

The back door was shut and she hadn’t got her keys; the front door was locked too.  This could not be happening; eighteen people were arriving at four o’clock.

Toni’s red mini rolled down the drive to the cottage at the bottom of the garden where the new tenants were settling into the bungalow.  Genet followed her friend and found her car parked beside a large, new BMW, shiny and black. 

The door was answered almost immediately at her knock by a tall, dark-haired man in a charcoal grey suit and green and yellow tie. This must be their new tenant, Dr Herrick.

“Oh, hello, I’m Genet McCauley. I hope you’ve settled in OK… This sounds really silly, but I’ve locked myself out and I need to ring my husband. He works at the sixth form college….”


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