I lost them, now I’ve found them

Photographs are wonderful, marvellous, they treasure memories for us, they record, they reveal, they keep us in touch with those who have gone and those who are away, and those who are near to us and have enjoyed a shared experience.

These days, more than every before we have photographic records; nearly every one has a phone which can take pictures, and cameras are so easy to use and convenient – not to mention the impact the digital age has had on the world. However, even before then there were a lot of photographs, and i find that we’ve got literally hundreds, if not thousands of them. I have my own from before I was married, and so has my husband. We have scores of our children from when they were born right up to the present. However, we have also inherited our parents’ albums, our grandparents’ albums, other photos from other relatives, and our family photos from when we were children ourselves. We have boxes and boxes of photos… one day we must properly go through them and store them and record who the people are.

Digital photos are more ephemeral, and when computers upgrade sometimes things happen and photos may be lost. This didn’t happen to me… that is not the loss I’m referring to. I had files and files of pictures stored, and there were a lot of overlaps and couples and doubles for some reason. So… I was going through my files and putting the pictures into some sort of order, putting titles and dates on them. All was going splendidly when suddenly, pouf! Everything I hadn’t yet stored vanished! Good grief! I cried (or something similar). I searched everywhere on the computer, in all sorts of places I didn’t even know existed. I got my son who is by his own admission a bit of a nerd to have a look, and he was also unsuccessful.

I tried to accept it with equanimity, but I was a bit miffed. Today as I was working I just happened to glance round my room and noticed sitting on a book shelf, two external hard drives… for some reason I had never thought to open them…and guess what? I have found my ‘lost’ photos!







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