Walborough Down

Not a mile from where i am right now is an ancient Bronze Age burial mound on Walborough Down. It is a small area, a last little lump of the Mendip chain before the last of the Mendip Hills, the last land hill of Brean Down.  from earliest times people ave lived on this upland, going down onto the fertile marshland, rich in waterfowl and useful plants and valuable as a natural defence against other tribes.

There is what is describes as a hill fort… which isn’t really; it obviously was a settlement elevated above sea level, and next to it is the burial mound. I cannot find any information about this, so I am presuming that it has never been properly excavated, but somehow it is known to be a burial site from three or four thousand years ago.

There is a special feel about the place, even though it is just  small hummock with cattle grazing on it.

AUGUST 2015 (25)As you walk up to the mound, you pass the ring of trees and bushes that surround it, like a crown of green… mysterious and atmospheric places, even in the lovely noonday sunshine


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