The Turkish Villa

If you are in Brighton and want something to eat, I recommend a fabulous Turkish restaurant just near the little bus station… actually I’m not sure if it actually is the bus station, or whether it’s just somewhere the coaches pulling to disgorge their passengers, but there was a lot of coming and going, departing and arriving as we sat by the window of the Turkish Villa.

We had noticed the restaurant as we were wandering around taking photos, so when it was dinner time we wandered back and wandered in. We perused the menu while we enjoyed a couple of glasses of Efes beer; it had been a really lovely and very hot day (the following say the heavens opened and there were floods in the area) The beer was accompanied by a basket of fresh bread and some dips and olives.

I love Turkish food, but have not been to restaurants often enough to be really familiar with all that’s on offer, so there were some lovely things we’d never heard of. I decided to have a starter and chose patlican ezme, one of my favourite vegetables, aubergine, grilled and chopped and served with garlic (aubergines are actually fruit…) It was simple, and it was delicious… I could have had a whole bowlful, but the portion was just right as a starter because the main meals were very generous. I had kuzu shish which is marinated, skewered, grilled lamb with bulgar salad; my husband had bursa iksander, a favourite of his, doner lamb served with a tomato sauce… utterly delicious but again such a generous portion!

A nice touch was that when we had finished our meal we were given complimentary Turkish tea, which was the perfect end to our dinner.

Make you mouth water, look here:

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