Every so often I have an idea of something to write but not enough  time to write it, or maybe writing something else, and I jot it down here an leave it as a draft to comeback to. Then when I do I usually have no idea what made me think of whatever it was or why I thought it might be interesting. I’d jotted the name Francis Meynill, he was a poet, typographer and publisher born in Bayswater, London in 1891. I’m not sure I remember why i thought I might write about him. Then there was the name Gompertz, and a note that he or she died in Weston in 1972 at the age of eighty-eight. I know there’s a Will Gompertz and a Simon Gompertz who are cousins, and apparently there’s a Gompertz curve, but I have no idea what that might be.

Then I came across the word bogle; did I mean boggle?  I had a link to a definition of bogle or boggle meaning a Scottish goblin or sprite, a mischievous and annoying sort of a creature, often found in fields and farmland. I’d made a note about bogles here in 2015, and just a couple of days ago I finished a novel set in Scotland by J.D. Kirk, who I also write about recently, in which scarecrows played a part, scarecrows known there as tattybogles. I think the word is linked to the more commonly known naught sprite, the bogeyman, and maybe the bogart too. We have a bogart in our house, he or she tries to be helpful by tidying things away but in actual fact we can never find whatever it is, and when it does come to light it’s in a most unexpected place!

Bogle can also be a name; that is who I thought of first when I saw my note. Paul Bogle was a heroic figure in Jamaican history who led a rebellion against the British authorities in 1860. He was born in 1820, and was a Baptist deacon; he was captured and executed for his stand against injustice. Other people named Bogle were John. C. Bogle, an American business man and philanthropist, and John Bogle a Scottish artist, and the following:

  • Andrew Cathcart Bogle (1829–1890), Scottish soldier
  • Bob Bogle (1934–2009), American musician
  • Donald Bogle, American writer
  • Eric Bogle (b. 1944), Australian singer
  • George Bogle (1746–1781), Scottish diplomat and adventurer
  • George Bogle of Daldowie, (1701–1782) American merchant
  • Joanna Bogle, British broadcaster
  • Mike Bogle, (b. 1961) American musician
  • Omar Bogle (born 1993), English footballer
  • Phil Bogle, (b.1979) American footballer
  • Robert Bogle, (b. 1943) Canadian politician

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