The end… and next?

I’ve posted several times recently about series and sequels and part 2’s… I guess it’s because I’m writing a story to follow on from a previous one, but also because there have been a couple of brilliant TV dramas, Unforgotten and River. The former drama is already going to have a sequel, and I’m looking forward to that; I was quite critical of the final episode, not the acting, production, filming etc, but the plot just seemed flabby and contrived, so maybe a second series can get over that. In complete contrast, the final episode f River, was stunning, brilliant, unforgettable and just perfect… I think half the people watching it had tears in their eyes if not actually running down their cheeks and dripping off their chins. It was such a good series,, and the ending… If it doesn’t win awards, then I think there’s no justice!!

I’m thinking about programmes which become series, because tonight another brilliant drama is back, Bron/Broen/The Bridge,starring Sofia Helin series 3 is on BBC 4. I had several quandaries to think about when I was writing my first sequel; how much do I refer back to the first novel without spoiling it for those who haven’t read it yet? … and in writing a third part what to include to make sense of the characters situations and relationships, and what to only allude to… In The Bridge tonight, for those who have watched it, there is one major change; one of the main players is no longer part of the team. I shall be interested to see if this is referred to, and possibly puzzle new viewers, or whether it is as if he has never been there… There is a real balance to be struck between making sense of an ongoing narrative, and yet allowing the book/film/TV series to standalone and be discrete from ones that have gone before.

If you haven’t watched The Bridge yet, watch it tonight! Then when you’re hooked, you can go back and find series 1 and 2 and watch them!


      1. Lois

        There’s a film in this… although long panning Nordic film shots of vans full of smuggled Marmite racing across the bridge, shady doings in weird Scandi landscapes as the ‘cargo’ is exchanged for pickled herrings or decomposing shark…

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