A wine called Lois

We were celebrating a birthday,, my son’s, and as he is interested in all things Argentinian we went to an Argentinian restaurant called Cau; we went to Bristol but there are Cau’s in different places. I had glanced at the menu when we had passed by once before, but had no real idea of what might be on offer, although I thought meat might feature rather a lot since that is one of the things Argentina is known for!

The Bristol Cau is a bright modern restaurant with lots of shiny metal, on the walls on the ceiling, and the pipes which above us, heating I would guess. There were pictures of clouds on the walls and some cloud shaped lights hanging above the bar. We were speedily attended by a very friendly and efficient waitress, a very smiley young woman, who took our orders for drinks. I was excited to see there was a sparkling red wine called ‘Lois’ on the menu, which I ordered – a celebration of a birthday should be the mum’s treat as well as the birthday child!

P1030788My son ordered mussels, I had a delicious picada, served with sour dough and pickles… my  husband missed starters as he intended to have a dessert!

We all had streak of different sorts, with chimichurri sauce for me and my boy, but blue cheese for my husband; there were lots of other options apart from steak, veggie, chicken, salad, burgers…  it was a great meal, superb flavour, generous portions but not overwhelming, everything cooked perfectly. The boys had beer, I stuck to wine but moved onto a red. I was very satisfied, but my  husband and son finished with churros, little doughnutty things served with dulce con leche… too sweet for me!

P1030790 (2)Yummy side salad!


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