Big cars

From my window here where I write, I look out over our back garden and into the little road, a cul-de-sac, which leads down to a passageway between our house and our road. There is a row of houses with front gardens, and opposite the houses is the village hall and its small carpark. The little road is really very little, a small lane really with six houses on it. It is so narrow that there is only room for one line of parked cars, and if people park inconsiderately then it blocks the whole little cul-de-sac.

Just round the corner from this little road is the junior school, so in the morning and in the afternoon, parents arrive in their cars to drop off then pick up their children, and I witness from my lookout the most ridiculous and selfish parking. This afternoon, because there is nothing happening in the village hall, the car-park is empty. This means parents can drive in and park to go and collect their children.

I’ve just watched someone in an enormous, really enormous vehicle drive in and park in such a way that everyone else coming in has to manoeuvre around her… and then another enormous car arrives cutting off part of the parking area for anyone else. These huge cars are fashionable, that’s all fashionable, and they seem to be the cars people with children like to drive… I’m not talking about large families, but families with one child brought to school, or maybe one child  and a baby…

We see these cars all along our road too, great monsters taking up two parking spaces, blocking the way for the vehicles of people who actually live here, and I hate to think what would happen if an emergency vehicle had to gain access, an ambulance for one of our elderly or sick neighbours, for example. At the open end of the little cul-de-sac is the main village street, running past the school, and at this time of day it is packed with cars, and nearly all of them these very big cars, SUVs and MPVs, and nearly all of them have a single child or two children… These cars are fashion items, status symbols…

The driver of the second car has just brought her one child back from school, he’s hopped in and off they have driven. Now the person with the really huge car has arrived with her two small children… if we lived in a wide open country, with big roads and big distances I could see the point of a big vehicle… but in a very small village, with very narrow roads, next to a small town with quite narrow roads, what is the point apart from status and fashion?

I think I have been quite restrained… it actually makes me really cross! … the car in my featured picture is a very small car, an Austin A35


  1. David Lewis

    In Canada a lot of people love there trucks and not small practical ones but huge, tall and long ones that for the most part never leave town. When they park next to you at the shopping mall you can’t see who’s coming to be able to back out and I have several near misses a year.I think they are more of a statement than a needed piece of transportation. My wife thinks that they should be delegated to there own parking spot away from us more sensible drivers. I agree.

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    1. Lois

      Your wife’s right… they should have their own place to park! We have an ordinary car but it is biggish because my husband is 6’6 1/2″ tall and also has a drum kit!! However, our car isn’t one of these monsters…


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