I mentioned previously that in my current novel – as yet unnamed, my main character is investigating a murder which occurred in 1931; one of the people involved makes a mysterious reference to an earthquake in 1931, so my main character, Thomas looks up what he can find out about earthquakes in 1931, and is amazed at not only the amount of earthquake activity there was in that year, and in every year, but an earhtquake affected England in his key year, 1931; the quake took place many miles offshore in the North sea, centred on the Dogger bank. I found out a great deal – but obviously my readers won’t want to read reams and reams of facts and figures, but I have had Thomas write a little about his general findings. There are other mentions and other facts about the topic elsewhere, but this is what Thomas says as he’s working:

Earthquakes in 1931… It seems there were quite a lot all across the world, and not just the headline ones I’d read about in New Zealand, Nicaragua, the Panama Canal and the Dogger Bank…   nearly deviate to find out more about the Dogger Bank, I gather it’s a sort of area of the North Sea but I don’t know why it has its own name… but stick to earthquakes. I discover that there is quite a lot of volcanic activity, not just the appalling Xinjiang disaster… but they are all over the world including Mexico, Chile, Pakistan, and in Europe Greece, Russia and Albania… and Pacific islands I’ve never heard of the Northern Mariana Islands and the Loyalty Islands… The list I’ve found are only the main ones, the Dogger Bank doesn’t even feature…

I knew the magnitude of earthquakes is measured on the Richter scale, named after Mr. Richter of course, Charles Francis, which apparently isn’t called the Richter scale any more, and the Chinese quake scored 7, and seven meant there was damage to most buildings and the effects could be felt up to two hundred and fifty kilometres from the epicentre… Dogger Bank was about 6…


  1. simonjkyte

    I know about Dogger if you are interested. It used to be the connection between Britain and the Continent. Archaeologically it will be fascinating if we ever make the investment. There was quite a good Time Team special on it.


    1. Lois

      I am fascinated by it – I’ve got the book by Vince Gaffney, which although is a bit technical for me, is so well written I did understand most of it! yes, anything about Dogger would be most interesting! Thanks for reminding me about the Time Team special – I must see if i can find it on youtube!

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