I’m coming towards the end of my next novel – not the one I started for the National Novel Writing Month challenge, but the one I was already working on… and I am struggling to find a name for it… The first three in the series have named themselves, ‘Radwinter’ which was about the main character Thomas’s search for his family history, ‘Magick’ where he continued his research but looking for the maternal line, and ‘Raddy and Syl’ which was about the people who brought him up…

Now in this fourth novel he continues his interest in his family’s story but this time searching for a living person, Raddy whose story featured in the previous novel. It’s tempting to use ‘Raddy’ as the title of the novel, but I feel it would give too much away; Raddy left the family when Thomas was about four… and he may not even still be alive, so the reader will assume from the title that either Thomas will find him… or find his grave or some proof that he is no longer alive…

There are other plot lines in the story, a mysterious lama who seems to have control over a respectable teacher and father, flowers left every year on a grave, and the continuing story of Thomas’s life and his family. I was going to call the story something like ‘The Lost House’ or ‘The Lost Horse’ with a story line to match, but that seems to have petered out and may feature in another novel…

Titles are so tricky… maybe one won’t arrive until the story is actually finished! … and as for the front cover… hmmm, that’s another tricky decision!



  1. grevilleacorner

    Hi Lois – agree with you that “Raddy” may not be best especially as your last title already had the Raddy name in it. The book seems to be a lot about a search for ……? Perhaps that great title will arrive back from under your pillow 🙂

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    1. Lois

      Thank you Stephanie, you’ve confirmed what I thought! By the way, I don’t know if you saw I’m writing a little family cookery book – not for publication but for Christmas presents to my cousins, it only has about thirty recipes in it, but I’ve included your delicious yoghurty salad dressing… I use it so often, and think my cousins will like it too!

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      1. grevilleacorner

        Great – lovely to think that recipe is being enjoyed by more of your relatives :). Can’t believe it is almost Christmas time again! egads! xx

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