Pudding puzzle answers!

I set a little puzzle the other day, all about puddings and desserts. I love making them, but I always prefer cheese to something sweet at the end of a meal. At the family Christmas party the other day I made a dessert based on Eton mess, whipped double cream, meringues, and I added blueberries and raspberries instead of the usual strawberries – I also added vanilla to the cream which just lifted it a little… so maybe it should have been Ely mess, instead of Eton mess!

  1. Miss Marple’s favourite perhaps? (5,2,9) – death by chocolate
  2. First lady’s dessert (4,7) – Eve’s pudding
  3. Royal washing item (8,6) – Victoria sponge
  4. A fruity little bun (10,9) – strawberry shortcake
  5. Pudding accompaniment (7,6) – custard cream
  6. This way is hard to walk on (5,4) – rocky road
  7. Money to be made from this character (11) – profiterol
  8. This festive wood is not for the fire (9,3) – chocolate/Christmas log
  9. Take a look and see a mathematical symbol (5,3) – pecan pie
  10. Captain Morgan’s hairdresser (3,4) – rum baba
  11. What to do legally if this pudding causes an accident (4) – suet
  12. This can be eaten any day of the week (6) – sundae
  13. Sandwiches (5,3,6) – bread and butter (pudding)
  14. What a gardener does in an orchard (6) – prunes

Silly, but fun!

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