Oh what can I call it?!

My latest Radwinter novel is finished and I am just going through the last processes of editing… not just checking for errors in punctuation and grammar, but typos and those mysteriously misspelled words which creep in, but also checking for continuity and making sure I haven’t missed out any of the details necessary for the story line to hang together. Because it is part of a series (I never ever thought I would write a sequel, let alone several books following the lives of a set of characters) I have to check back with the previous three novels, to make sure no mistakes in ages of characters, dates, descriptions, relationships etc. have crept in. I have to make sure that the characters are realistic to new readers by describing them, but without revealing too much and spoiling surprises which are in the previous parts if my new readers come to them! This balancing act, how much to tell in order for things to make sense and be in a realistic context,and how much to leave out,  is very delicate….

So… editing is going along well; the next stage will be to read the whole story aloud to myself… but I have one major difficulty, I cannot come up with a title. The previous stories, Radwinter, Magick and Raddy and Syl, found names for themselves really easily but with this one I just can’t think…

Fathers and Sons, but that was a novel by Turgenev, Telling All The truth… hmm, maybe, but sounds clumsy somehow, Lost/Lost Boys/Lost Children… there are other books with similar titles… Telling Tales… not for this story…

I expect something will arise as I read the story aloud to myself, but I really am struggling at the moment!

If you haven’t read my e-novels yet, find the link here:



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