Not ‘The Lost Child’…

I thought I had the perfect title for my novel, ‘The Lost Child’; it resonated with several of the story-lines in this, the latest Radwinter story. There is the literal story of a woman’s daughter who ran away from home nearly twenty years ago, the ‘lost’ inner child of the narrator, a baby given up at birth for adoption… It seemed perfect! But as usual I checked out whether there were any other books or novels called that… and oh dear… there are:

  • The Story of the Lost Child, The (Neapolitan Novels 4), Elena Ferrante, published September 2015
  • The Lost Child, Ann Troup, published May 2015
  •  The Lost Child, Caryl Phillips, published September 2015
  • The Lost Child, Julie Myerson, published July 2009

and if I wanted to change it to be something about lost children, then there are plenty of books with that title too:

  • The Lost Children, Mary MacCracken, published January 2014
  • The Lost Child of Philomena,  Lee by Martin Sixsmith, published May 2010
  • The Lost Boy, Dave Pelzer, published February 2014
  • Signs for Lost Children, Sarah Moss, published July 2015
  • Little Girl Lost, Mia Marconi, published May 2015
  • Mysteries of Ravenstorm Island: The Lost Children, Gillian Philip, published September 2014
  • Colony Ship Eternum: The Lost Children of Earth, Jim Horn, December 2015

So… Thinking cap back on… abandon the lost children, and think of something else!

If you haven’t yet read any of my Radwinter stories, you can find them and my other novels here:

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