Falling into my own trap

I’m always very grateful to people who read my e-novels, and who comment on what they think, and comment honestly. I really do welcome helpful criticism, whether it is typos or errors which I haven’t noticed when I’ve been checking through and editing, or inconsistencies of any sort.

One of my pet hates when reading other novels is when a writer seems in my opinion too become too fond of a character, ‘indulges’ him or her, and becomes a little blind to what a reader might be thinking… in other words losing objectivity because they like their character so much! I have consciously tried in my own writing to keep my distance from my fictitious people; however I fear I might have slipped into my own pet hate in my Radwinter series.

All characters have back stories which to a certain extent have to be revealed to the reader, but when the back story has been written in a previous novel, the writer has to balance how much is revealed (to those who haven’t yet read the previous stories), how much is assumed the reader knows (for those who have read the other stories) and how far the writer keeps each a completely stand alone novel.

In my Radwinter series, I think I have lost that sense of balance; a friend who has just read my three novels one after the other, commented that he was getting a little fed up with two of the ‘people’… not them as characters, but the way I have written about them in the first person narrative. I was so grateful! I so appreciated his comment – I had lost sight of what I was doing in this particular aspect, concentrating on the plot and setting and the new characters.

I am just editing the fourth in the series, and I have gone through with the specific purpose of tightening up what I’ve written; not cutting out those characters, but just fine-tuning and balancing them. Another thing I am working on in this editing is the development of the main character; his personal circumstances have changed hugely since the first novel, and I have tried to make him change too… however, as my narrator is a thirty-something man and I’m an older woman,  I have to really try and get my head round a masculine character… and this was a comment my helpful critical friend made, that my character is a little too much in touch with his feminine side!!

If you haven’t yet read my Radwinter novels, or my other stories, here is a link:



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