More lists….

Yesterday, as part of my year of clearing and sorting and casting away things I no longer need, including habits and ways of doing things which aren’t helpful, I decided to overcome my aversion to lists and use them to help me with my new regime!

In a “conversation” with an on-line friend I mentioned the idea of making lists of what I have done, as well as or instead of what I should do… obviously in the case of a shopping list it isn’t much help to list everything you’ve bought when you’ve dome home, or making a list of all the things you’ve put in your suitcase once you arrive at your holiday destination, but in an everyday way of doing things, seeing what I’ve achieved rather than what I haven’t might be helpful… and encouraging!

So, today…

  1. done a mountain of washing up
  2. done three loads of washing, two of which are on the line the third is just about to be
  3. stripped beds (but not yet remade them)
  4. cleaned the broken dishwasher… which somehow had been forgotten over the holiday period… ugh…
  5. sorted the family’s socks
  6. gone to collect the paper
  7. made a packed lunch for husband going to art class
  8. started to tidy daughter’s bedroom as she has returned to Uni
  9. gone through kitchen utensils, cutlery, crockery and begun to sort out what to send to the charity shop (day 4 resolution of my year of casting off)
  10. taken down as many of the Christmas decorations as I can reach and taken all the things off the Christmas tree

I’ve also done quite a bit of thinking about my next novel… and I am beginning to see a title… more on this later! … and if you haven’t read any of my novels yet, here is a link:



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