A little exerpt

As I’ve mentioned several – no, many times, many, many times, I am editing my next eBook to be published, ‘Lucky Portbraddon’. it’s a complicated – and at the moment very long novel about the Portbraddon family.

I thought I would share a rather risqué excerpt with you…

Ismène, a friend of the Portbraddon family, has been commissioned by them to work on their grandmother’s papers and to sort out seventy years worth of memoirs, letters,  diaries, a family tree, recipes and receipts, and much more. She is working in the big house belonging to one of the old lady’s grandson’s Alex, and his wife Ally. They have an au pair, who looks after the children, and on her first day ‘at work’, Ismène is trying to work out how to undertake the massive task she has been given.

So…The first thing was to read and sort; and then what? Perhaps a coffee was needed after all.

She opened the door at exactly the same time as Silky emerged from the sitting room opposite. Ismène was about to call a greeting but there was something so furtive in the young woman’s behaviour that she remained silent. Silky didn’t see her in her in her rush to get upstairs; she was clutching something to her as she dashed up the stairs… a slam of a door and then silence.

How mysterious! Then it seemed Silky’s hurry was suspicious rather than mysterious – as if to get upstairs before anyone saw her. What had she been doing in the sitting room? What was she clutching so furtively? Ismène stood indecisively. Should she follow Silky? She crossed the hall and went into the sitting room.

Alex was there, slumped back on a couch; he was wearing a dressing gown but was obviously naked beneath, it scarcely covered his hairy chest and legs. He stared back at her, his eyes heavy lidded and knowing, his lips red and full. His hair was tousled and curling round his face. In silence they looked at each other; he blinked slowly, languidly, the only movement the rise and fall of his naked chest. He looked replete, sated.

While Ally took his children to school, Alex was having sex with the au pair…

Ismène said not a word but withdrew, pulling the door quietly closed. She returned to the study and sat at her desk. She looked at the nearest crate and took out a book at random. A diary. 1963. She opened it but although her eyes travelled across the lines of small neat copperplate handwriting she read not a single word.

She was shocked, horrified, and actually very angry… and she was waiting for Alex to come in, to make some comment, some excuse; to explain  what needed no explanation. Minutes before she’d entered the room, Alex and Silky had been making love – except it wasn’t love. He was unfaithful to his wife, with a girl younger than his own son.

I don’t often write ‘intimate’ scenes – and this is only alluded to… but it has huge significance on what follows!

If you haven’t read any of my other books, here is a link… however, there aren’t any similar scenes in any of them!


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